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Groups offered:  in-person in Cloverdale, Surrey & New Westminster

This specialized group for neurodivergent girls  (Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, OCD...) is specifically designed to encourage skills in developing and maintaining friendships; while acquiring and generalizing specific skills and strategies.  Groups encourage neurodivergent-affirming support,  individualizing strategies to meet the needs of each participant. Areas include: self-advocacy, social emotional learning, executive functioning skills, perspective taking, and problem solving.  The goal is to create a safe and inclusive space to allow group participants to communicate and learn in a positive and meaningful manner.   Topics often develop organically to include significant issues of the participants and as requested by caregivers.  

*Goals & topics vary based on age & group needs.

Currently running intake & registration for Winter 2023.  

Fairy Friends ~ younger girls

Girls Group ~ tweens

Sister Squad ~ teenagers 

Groups are created based on goodness of fit so all participants can benefit.  For more information please contact me directly.